AC & DC Current Sensors

ac current sensorsEE.E. URD Design and Manufacturing is the exclusive USA importer and distributor for URD Co, LTD, a leading designer and manufacturer of high precision current measuring devices since 1973. Through precision engineering, an R&D orientated approach, and exceptional attention to detail, URD has become a leader in this field. We employ only the highest quality ferrite cores and precision windings, of which the high permeability cores and precision assemblies allow us to meet a wide range of standard and custom applications.

hall effect current sensors

Our product range is very extensive and includes more than 300 precision models of AC and DC Current Sensor, including Hall Effect technology. All standard products are usually available "off the shelf”, smaller orders can be processed for immediate shipment as well. In addition to our standard product line, E.E. URD is capable of designing and manufacturing proprietary devices for specific customer applications.


Exceptional accuracy and linearity!

  • Full line of General Purpose CTL Series ranging from 100mA through 600 Amp Devices
  • CTL-Z Zero Phase Micro Current Devices for Ultra-Precision, the finest of their type
  • HCS Hall Effect Series, Offered from 1 AT through and including 500 AT
  • Clamp-On and Through-hole Versions
  • Different Pin Orientations for Horizontal and/or Vertical Mounting
  • LED Type Current Indicators
  • Alarm Equipment for Over/Under Current Detection

AC Current Sensors
AC Current Sensor
 • General Purpose CTL Series
 • Precision Purpose CTL-Z Series
 • Clamp-on Type
 • LED Indicator
 • High Frequency CT
AC Current Relay
AC Current Relay
 • Adjustable Current Detector
 • Fixed Current Detector
DC Current Sensors
DC Current Sensor
 • Open Loop PCB Mount
 • Open Loop Through hole Type
 • Closed Loop Through hole Type
 • Mcro Current Thtough hole Type
 • Mcro Current Cube Type
 • Open Loop Clamp on Type
I/V Converter
I/V convector
 • AC mean Current Convertor
 • AC RMS Current Convertor
 • AC/DC RMS Current Convertor

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