E.E.URD Philosophy
After thirty seven years in this business, we know how to work with our customers and suppliers .We keep our  customers and suppliers advised through close and frequent communications. We always invite our customers to visit and watch their products being manufactured. Keeping this “closed loop” assures our customers of perfect results.

We are very careful in selecting our subcontractors and materials suppliers. Only the best and most experienced manufacturing and materials suppliers are chosen to work with us and supply our needs. All our suppliers have the latest agency approvals and listings ( UL, CE, TUV, etc) ISO 2001 is also a “must” for any supplier and manufacturer we select. Other agency approvals for the medical and automotive field are carried by our suppliers.Our Plastic facility can mold in FDA approved resins.


E.E. URD Design and Manufacturing was founded in early 1975 by Lawrence Sultan. Those early beginnings were based primarily upon PCB and electronic assemblies, designed and imported from Taiwan, something not too many companies were doing at the time. We recognized early the benefits of obtaining and cultivating relationships with overseas manufacturing companies. In fact E.E. URD was the original manufacturer and importer of the electronics that went into the GE/Child Guidance “Show and Tell” from 1978-1982; over 500,000 pcs were sold during that time. We since relocated our organization to Southern California in 1982.

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