EEURD Services and Products

EE URD Design & Manufacturing can take a product from the design and conceptual stage all the way to a manufactured product. Most customers come to us with fully designed products,ready for production.When we see the need we can and will recommend improvements in the design.Our engineering personnel are highly experienced in assisting customers in this manner.We work closely with our customers in all phases of product development.

EEURD Design & Manufacturing can even provide complete turnkey manufacturing including packaged products to our customers. Rack mounted and blister packaging are offered. Turnkey manufacturing involves careful selection of the best suppliers, design study ,recommendations for product improvement, inventory control, tooling control, in process quality control, test procedures and equipment, and much more. We are professionals and know what we are doing. We are a domestic USA owned and operated company. We make the buying experience as easy as sourcing from any domestic manufacturer.


EEURD Design & Manufacturing works with the best of shipping companies, handling, if the customer wishes, the shipping all the way to the customer’s specified facility(ies) We ship worldwide handling all the required customs and documentation.


We work 24/7. We welcome communications from our customers anytime. Business does not stop on weekends.Our facilities operate seven days a week . We can be reached at 01 949 831 0111 (office) 949 831 6371(fax ) and 949 735 8446 (mobile).

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